Natural Stone Countertops for Ottawa Homes

Natural Stone Countertops for Ottawa Homes
Natural stone countertops have numerous advantages over other types of kitchen surfaces. More and more, Ottawa area designers and homeowners are choosing marble and granite countertops for their beauty, durability, and versatility.
Why Choose Stone?
Whether you're building your dream home, or remodeling your present home, stone floors or countertops can add both aesthetic and monetary value to your living space. Stone is a smart choice for a number of reasons, including:
  • Beauty. Natural stone is uniquely beautiful; your countertop will be one of a kind! Stone gives your kitchen or bathroom a warm and welcoming ambience, and an elegant feel. Stone countertops are available in a wide variety of colours, from rich reds to deep blues, from classic white marble flecked with grey to darkest blacks, velvety greens, and an array of brown and off-white tones. Patterning may be subtle or dramatic, and you can choose from a number of finishes.
  • Variety. Stone countertops can be made from different types of stone, including marble, granite, travertine, onyx, and quartz, among others. Countertops vary in price according to the material used and the size of the area covered.
  • Durability. Stone is one of the oldest building materials, and stone structures have endured through the ages. If you install a stone countertop, you can be sure that it will be in use for decades to come. Unlike other types of countertop surfaces, stone will not be marked by hot pots and pans, for example. The surface is suitable for many different types of family activity, from pastry rolling to craft-making, from eating to doing homework.
  • Ease of Cleanup and Care. With proper sealing, stone countertops will resist most stains. It's easy to clean a stone surface, and the material is completely hypoallergenic. Stone will not accumulate bacteria or mold, or off-gas dangerous chemicals into the home.
  • Value. Nothing gives a room a more luxurious feel than natural stone. Stone countertops add thousands of dollars of resale value to your home.
Choosing a Supplier
If you select a knowledgeable company to supply your stone countertop, you can get the answers you need to make the right decisions. Be sure to go with a company that specializes in stone; dealing with experts is crucial. Ontario-based family-owned stone importing and distributing companies are often the best choice.
The supplier should offer you a wide selection of stone products to choose from, in a range of prices, colours, and types. Visit their showroom and ask questions about the various kinds of stone available, including stone tile options.
Be sure to ascertain whether the company delivers to your area, and whether they have the ability to deliver your desired stone in a timely fashion. Be very certain about the quantity of stone surface you need; it will be very difficult to match stone later if it turns out that you require more than you originally ordered. Unless you have a great deal of DIY experience, ask your supplier about installation.
Stone countertops add beauty and value to any living space. Visit a showroom today, and find the perfect stone for your home!